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Lifelong Friendships

Family is our mindset at Cheer Dynasty Elite. We believe it is essential for a solid support structure to be in place for personal growth. It is easy to connect with the diversity of teammates that become a part of your family at CDE.

We facilitate team bonding through activities incorporated into our practices that absolve the cliques and instead create a unity. Our athletes create lifelong friendships that are important to any foundation necessary for development. Our atmosphere only generates positive vibes that motivates athletes to work together through adversity as a unit.

Opportunity for Growth

We emphasize a fun, safe environment for our athletes to grow physically and mentally. Each child is important to us to reach out to. We impress upon our athletes to push their limits and reach their goals through a varied and challenging curriculum. This demands understanding their strengths and facing their weaknesses. The curriculum of the program has a clear line of progressions between each level and offers cross-overs for those ready to advance!

We take pride in working with each individual not only as an athlete but as a student to overcome their mental blocks. Our aspirations are to have success transfer beyond the boundaries of the cheer mat and into all aspects of each athlete’s lives.

Reputation built on tradition

We pride ourselves in the diversified coaching staff our program brings to its athletes. Our coaches are certified for their appropriate divisions and characterize the integrity of our program. Their dedication to excellence and improvement is exhibited by their enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of cheerleading. Our staffs mentality that “a master is always a student” is reflected by the continuous trainings attended and certifications completed. Each summer, the entire CDE coaching staff is brought to summer trainings provided by USASF to pursue knowledge of the latest techniques and choreography in the cheerleading world.

Unbeatable Tuition Prices

Our reasonable rates make us the most affordable All-Star program in the South Bay!

Our tuition rates include competition fees that other programs would charge separately for.

We are on average over 35% cheaper than our competitors. We do not overcharge for supplies and do not have any hidden fees!

We are invested in the interest of our athlete’s progress and willing to help through fundraiser opportunities and payment plans.

Scholarship and sibling discount rates are also available for families.

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What is All-Star Cheerleading?

All-Star cheerleading is a competitive sport that involves performing a 2 minute and 30 second continuous routine that consists of stunting, tumbling, dance, pyramids, and cheer. This routine is performed by males and females and scored against other competitive teams at many regional, national, and worldwide events. All-Star cheerleading combines the grace of gymnastics and leadership required to succeed in a team-environment.

All-Star Environment

An All-Star team performs primarily for the competition of the sport. All-Star teams do not spend practice time memorizing rally calls or dances for school events. Instead, that time is spent towards continuing the development and growth of skills, fundamentals, and athleticism utilized in the performance routine. All-Star teams demand more out of the individual athlete to perform and excel in a team-structured environment working with other athletes with similar goals and aspirations.

Experience the thrill of nationals

Our athletes are part of a large family that is committed to supporting one another through all aspects of life. Our team-bonding experiences throughout the season strengthens the trust that is required for a successful foundation at any competitive level. This is punctuated with a trip to Nationals that has the team flying and lodging together that other programs do not offer. Every year each team will fly to a different Nationals event to experience the different thrills each locations has to offer. The experience of competing for a National Title with your best friends is only a small part of all the great benefits of joining Cheer Dynasty Elite All-Stars!

Our locations 

Cheer Perfection Studios

Santa Clara, CA

- Senior Level 3 - Supreme

- Senior Level 2 - Imperial

- Youth Level 1 - Reign

- Tiny Cheer - Royal


Site TBD

- Cheer 101

- Summer Camps

- Privates



Twister Sports

Sunnyvale, CA

- Open Level 4 - Majestic

- Cheer Clinics

- Privates